History of the Department

Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University is an international university and institution that aims to gather students from Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and other countries under one roof and educate them according to modern standards so that they can become the professionals and leaders of tomorrow. In line with this, the Department of Turkology was opened as part of the Faculty of Humanities in 1997. 

Objectives, Goals, and Mission

The goal of the Department is to create a place for Turkish and Kyrgyz literature and languages in the world arena, and to showcase the special features of these languages as well as their development. We also aim to educate professionals who can carry out research in analyzing language and spreading the knowledge they learned in university with others. The Department of Turkology differs from Departments of Kyrgyz Language and Literature in Kyrgyzstan and from Departments of Turkish Language and Literature and Modern Turkish Language in Turkey because students study both languages and their literature, as well as other Turkic languages. Students also study General Turkology. 


The main subjects of the Department are Kyrgyz language and literature, Turkish language and literature, historical periods of the Turkish language, and other Turkic languages and literature. Classes are held in both Kyrgyz and Turkish, and cover both theoretical and practical knowledge. Thus, students are able to find work in various institutions such as museums, libraries, and literary foundations. 

Secretary of the Department


Telephone: 00996 312 49 27 63

Extension: 965

Office: İİBF-105