The Bachelor’s program of the Faculty of Humanities was established within the light of evergrowing international political, economic and cultural  relations where there have been a growing demand for simultaneous interpreters with strong professional competence and who are real masters of bilateral Kyrgyz-Turkish, Kyrgyz-English and Turkish-Russian translation and interpretation, and who have deep knowledge and adhere high moral values. We pursue the goal to educate and train students from Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and many other countries of the Turkic world in the field of translation science and interpretation via sufficient and favorable learning conditions and modern teaching methodology needed for acquisition of new knowledge and skills; we train professionals with built in abilities to work and ensure professional accomplishment of translation activities and duties and intercultural communication in various spheres of human activity.  


Our activities are focused on training professionals with strong scientific and cultural competence, and rich intercultural experience, who are able to promote their own cultural identity and show tolerance and empathy towards cultural diversity; who adhere universal humanitarian values, contribute to flourishment of his own country and the Turkic world as a whole, and the one who can ensure intercultural communication among Turkic states, and on a global level as well.


  • To provide deep knowledge about linguistic and cultural peculiarities of the languages taught;
  • To develop reading comprehension skills, speaking skills and academic writing skills of students;
  • To ensure competence and develop skills necessary for interpreting (oral translation skills) and translation (written translation skills);
  • To develop skills required to make scientific research and implement activities;
  • To teach translation techniques and translation modalities necessary for accomplishment of translation activities through practical exercises;
  • To ensure personal development through aquisition of professional competence and ethics to be able to work for the sake of society.    


There is a growing demand for graduates of Simultaneous translation department as for professional interpreters with strong knowledge in languages, literature, history, arts, folklore, and many other fields of science, who are able to work in various fileds, both, in public and private sectors.

Graduates of Simultaneous translation department of the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University can be successfully employed, in public and private institutional establishments, educational centers, libraries, business enterprises, tourism agencies and many other establishments in Kyrgyzstan and Turkey.  Currently, our graduates are fruitfully working in various parts of the globe.


The Department of Simultaneous translation was established primarily as a part of High School of Foreign Languages of the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University in 1997-1998 academic year. Since 2012-2013 academic year the department of Simultaneous translation has been conducting its activities as a department of the faculty of Humanities. The work of the department is concentrated on educational activities within the following language pairs: Kyrgyz-Turkish, Kyrgyz-English and Turkish-Russian programs.    

The Master’s program specialized in Translation Studies was established under the Institute of Social Sciences of the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University.


Saltanat Mambaeva

Head of the Department
Secretary of the Department

Jyldyz Beıshenova

Telephone: 00996 312 49 27 63

Extension: 733

Office: İLEF-105