Sociology is a complex, multilevel science that uses research to study and optimize various processes and ideas in modern society. 

There is not one part of our lives today that hasn't been touched by sociology. There are people who can answer questions like what needs to be produced, sold or prepared. There are fewer people that can understand for whom or why. 

Sociology is a relatively new and prestigious field. Using various research methods, sociologists use in-depth monitoring to analyze and research society. Sociologists have recently become in-demand in the labor market today. 

The Department of Sociology at Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University was opened in the 2008-2009 academic year. The program was created to meet the high standards set by sociology programs in other universities, and features a unique synthesis of university education and innovative approaches to professional preparation. 


The goal of the Department of Sociology is to prepare sociologists for a wide variety of career opportunities, including as academics or researchers, and to be the generation that faces the most importat social problems and creates solutions based on methods and technology based in the field of sociology. 

Students must complete tasks similar to those faced by professional sociologists, which includes carrying out research, projects, applied work, managerial work, and teaching. 


Head of the Department