The Department was founded as the Coordination of Pedagogy in the Faculty of Technical Education in the Fall Semester in 2000. When the Faculty of Tecnical Education evolved into the Faculty of Engineering, the Coordination became the Department of Pedagogy, and was directly under the leadership of the Rectorate. After reorganization in the 2002-2003 academic year, the Department of Pedagogy was included in the Faculty of Natural and Humanitarian Sciences as the Department of Pedagogical and Social Studies, and included education, social sciences, and pedagogy. As of October 14, 2006, the Department of Pedagogy was renamed and was given independent status. 

Objectives, Goals, Mission, Vision

The main goal of the Department of Pedagogy is to prepare professionals who are well-versed in the modern paradigms of the field of pedagogy and education in the Turkic world, who have a well-rounded education that allows them to study problems in education, and who are able to work as teachers and consultants in educational environments. To achieve this, attention is paid to the teaching staff in Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. 

About the Program and Discipline


Bachelor's Degree in Psychological and Pedogogical Support and Consulting

Master's Degree in Pedagogy

Master's Degree in Management and Inspective Education

Doctorate in Pedagogy

Certificate Program in Pedagogy

Secretary of the Department


Telephone: 00996 312 49 27 63

Extension: 723

Office: İLEF-117