Greetings from the Dean

Currently, universities are the leading institutions around the globe that carry out research. The faculties and research institutions related to the Arts and the Humanities are considered to be the core of every university. Accordingly, the faculty of “Natural sciences and the Humanities” was the first founded faculty when the Kyrgyz-Turkish “Manas” University was in the process of its establishing. The faculty that had previously involved two sciences, such as the Natural sciences and the Humanities, by the decision of the Board of Trustees # 2008-01 from April 25, 2008 was divided into two different faculties. Thus, our Faculty of Humanities was created.

Along with its major departments such as the Department of History and Turkology, the faculty also involves the following departments: Department of Educational Science (Psychological Counseling and Guidance Program); Department of Sociology; Department of Philosophy; Department of Eastern Languages (Chinese Language and Literature Program and Russian Language and Literature Program): Department of Western Languages (English Language and Literature Program); Department of Translation (including three programs: Kyrgyz-English, Kyrgyz-Turkish, Russian-Turkish).

The academic staff of the faculty is made up of selected scholars and lecturers from distinguished universities of Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. Among them there are scientists who have greatly contributed to their fields on an international scale. The Faculty with such skillful and experienced lecturers, where language, history and cultural values of the Turkic world are taught and related researches are carried out, pursues an object to educate a new generation of professionals, who are able to strengthen close ties between Turkic nations, Turkic communities and Diasporas.

While the majority of the faculty from Kyrgyzstan is working full-time for a long period of time, lecturers from Turkey are involved in five-year term work. Such a shift provides students with the opportunity to meet different scholars and new lecturers with rich experience, to get to know them and benefit from their experience by using scholars’ applications in their own practices.

The faculty graduated its first graduate students in 2002. Today, many of the faculty graduates are involved in doing research; work at the Kyrgyz-Turkish “Manas” university; study Master’s and Doctoral (PhD) programs abroad. Several graduates work at other universities as an applicant or assistant. Also, a great part of faculty graduates are working in Turkey and abroad as scientists, teachers, librarians, museum officers, translator-interpreters, media and information service officers and in the language and history research institutions.


Alpaslan CEYLAN, PhD